The New Jersey State Safe Deposit Association is the only organized body whose sole purpose is to support the safe deposit services of banking institutions in New Jersey. Our organization was founded in December 1922 and has operated continuously since. The New Jersey State Safe Deposit Association is nationally recognized as one of the outstanding organizations in this field.

New Jersey State Safe Deposit Association
2015 Executive Committee Slate

Kathleen Thompson, Columbia Bank

President Elect
Theresa O’Keefe, Boiling Springs S.B.

First Vice-President
Joanne Chek, Brunswick Bank & Trust

Thomas Kasper, Lakeland Bank

1 Year Committee Term
Debra Cooper, Magyar Bank
Linda Knast, Hudson City Savings Bank

2 Year Committee Term
Deb Forman, Hudson City Savings Bank
Dana Prata, Fulton Bank NJ

3 Year Committee Term
Carol Gelormino, Lakeland Bank

Executive Director
Carol Freda, NJSSDA

Administrative Assistant / Honorary Vice President
Mary Jane Browne, NJSSDA

Honorary Vice Presidents
Mel Bray
Theresa O’Connell
George Reissner
Ellen Toborowsky
Valerie Olpp

NJSSDA Chairpersons

Currently we have several Chairperson opportunities that we are
looking to fill.

Some of the duties of a Chairperson would include:

  • Act as a liaison between member banks and NJSSDA
  • Encourage membership to NJSSDA to banks in your area
  • Attend  semi-annual seminars and persuade others to attend
  • Attend annual Executive Committee meeting
  • Make recommendations for seminar content

If you are interested in serving as a Chairperson please contact us
at 1-800-382-0234.


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